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Prospective students
Thank you for your interest in the KDD Lab at Seoul University. 1. For students interested in KDD: Our lab focuses on Data Mining and Database research. For more information regarding specific details of our research, please visit the Publication section. The KDD lab cordially welcomes capable students who hold a strong passion for research. regardless of prior field of study or academic achievement.

Candidates for eligibility to the KDD lab are not judged on the basis of the major they studied during college. Rather, any candidate who has successfully taken core courses in the computer science area will be considered. Furthermore, KDD seeks students who have proven their capability of handling work in the Computer Science field; KDD will even help students who lack the computer background or any prerequisites by allowing them to take any necessary fundamental core courses (undergraduate level) to develop the basic skills needed for research, after which they may continue their graduate studies.

Our lab firmly believes in providing an "equal opportunity" for everyone and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, nationality, religion, age, marital status, disabilities, prior major, or prior academic institution. Therefore, KDD welcomes students outside of Seoul National University who have sufficiently demonstrated academic capability. Those who have already achieved post-graduate degrees outside of the computer field are also welcome.

Our lab strongly requires that candidates have a solid English background (i.e. a CBT TOEFL score of at least 200).

Lastly, KDD does not recognize coursework by students who performed undergraduate work with no demonstration of passion and desire.

2. How To Contact Us

Students who are interested in the KDD lab are urged to contact Professor Shim through email at () Candiates will be interviewed by the professor, during which time the candidate will be tested on background knowledge. Specifically, the student will be asked questions on basic mathematical and computer science concepts from high school and college. After this interview, an assessment of the candidate will be made.

3. Other Information

For more information regarding our lab's professor, please view Kyuseok Shim's home page. The prerequisite courses for working in KDD include: Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms, Thoery of Computation, Database, Operating Systems, and Artificial Intelligence. KDD asks that students who are interested in our lab contact us as soon as possible.
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